Hydraulic Seals

It is responsible for controlling the pressurized fluid from leaking out the system as the rod cycles back and forth. It works in reciprocating action.
It is designed so that the pressurized fluid does not leak between the piston and cylinder bore. It works in reciprocating action.
It involves reciprocating movements of rod and piston preventing any fluid leakage.
Its main function is to keep impurities dust, dirt as well as moisture from entering the fluid power system. Also, works in reciprocating motion.
Works with low sliding friction, wear resistant and can withstand higher operating pressure. It ensures excellent low-resistance sealing performance even at low speeds.
With slow start up speeds or low sliding friction, it ensures superior performance even at low speed, performance of low-resistance seal and lubrication or no lubrication performance. Also, the installation of the ditch slot structure is simple.
It involves reciprocating movements of the hydraulic cylinder. The elastic ring does not distort and flip, high extrusion capacity for larger gaps and can be installed in closed grooves reducing processing costs.
It assists in resisting extrusions, thus, preventing damage to the O-rings and seals from high pressure, high temperature and large extrusion gaps.