Rotary Seals

Its primary function is to retain bearing lubricant. Oil seal lips rotating actuator prevents oil leakage. Leakage which would affect the performance of the bearings and other components.
The main purpose of these seals is to ensure oil absorption on the oil seal’s lip to maintain lubrication.
Axle Seals for Agricultural and Construction Machinery with their polyurethane wiper and oil seal lips, protect internals from water, dust and mud.
Its “labyrinth” design is engineered to ensure excellent sealing capability. Its functions include preventing pollutants from entering any critical parts of the internals, maintain ideal temperature, minimizing wear of the rubber, and prolonging the service life of axle and hub.
It is mainly used to protect bearing and other vital parts of the machine from impurities. It is usually made of metal and works either on a stationary or rotating motion.
It is recommended for heavy dirt exclusion applications. Will protect from mud, weeds and other pollutants, hence, ideal for agricultural machinery, as well as construction vehicles. The shaft sleeve design protects the oil seal lip from scratches.
AC Compressor Seals are distinct seals that can be found in air conditioning systems of cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. It must seal and hold the refrigerant vapor from leaking between the rotating shaft of the compressor and the front end. In addition, it protects the oil seal and shaft from rust formation.
It is installed directly onto axial shaft seals. V Type Seals protect bearings and other parts from contamination of foreign materials as well as to prevent grease leakage.