Static Seals

This seal is mainly used for oil seal housing, gear boxes and other parts. The rubber covered case provides an easy and effective push fit to blank off holes in engine cases and gear boxes.
Bonded seals are metal washers inserted with vulcanized rubber. They are used when sealing is unsuitable such as in of high pressure applications.
It fills up the gap between two or more mating surfaces in order to prevent leakage from or into the attached materials even during compression.
Irregular pieces of rubber to achieve the effect of sealing designed in accordance to customer specification.
It is a doughnut-shaped seal typically used to prevent the passing of air or fluid In or Out of a defined area.
Replacement kits for o-rings and seals. Available in many sizes and configurations.
A continuous extruded cord which can be used to fabricate custom o-rings where the standard sizes are not suitable. Available in metric and standard sizes, as well as in various shapes and configurations.